Ecocene Design Economies

Author: Joanna Boehnert

Despite  accumulative  social  and  technological  innovation,  the  design industry  continues  to  face  significant  obstacles  when  addressing  issues  of sustainability.  Climate  change  and  other  systemic  ecological  problems  demands shifts on an order of magnitude well beyond the trajectory of business-as-usual. I will argue that these complex problems require addressing the epistemological error in knowledge systems reproducing unsustainable designed worlds. Ecological literacy is a  basis  for  nature-inspired  design. 

Ecologically  engaged  knowledge  must  inform design strategies across the psychological, the social and the environmental domains. With the expansive three ecologies perspective, interventions at the intersection of design and economics can enable systems transitions. This theoretical work informs a framing of the current epoch in ways that create a foundation for the creation of regenerative, distributed and redirected design economies.

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