Circling the Diamond – imagining sustainable design thinking (hosted by Alastair Somerville)

This session took place April 14 2021, 12pm UK Time.

Listen to an audio recording of the session below.

Audio recording of the session.

Download a pdf of the slides below.

Session Description

Drawing from accessible design work, Post Normal design is founded on the need to recognise the bias of Normal to the needs of WEIRD (White, Educated, Industrialised, Rich, Democratic) people and to build new ways of working that are not anchored to Normal. One aspect is the Circular Knowledge Economy. This takes the consumerist Design Thinking model of product design and integrates Doughnut Economic ideas of circling knowledge development back in a regenerative manner. This session describes a simple design economics model of Circular Knowledge Economies based on ideas of Things Made and Things Unmade. How can we imagine sustainable models of Design Thinking that are not trapped by consumerism? Let’s spend time talking about circling the double diamond.