Mapping the Territory: The visual fields of Economics and Design (hosted by John V Willshire)

This session took place April 14, 4:00 pm UK Time.

Session Recording

Miro Board from the Session (open for viewing).

Session Description

As somebody who wound up doing Economics and Econometrics at University, and then fell into various other practices over time (research, strategy, design, futures… etc), I have always reflected on what it was that Economic taught me that proved useful in these more adjacent fields.

This session will use a Miro Board as a map, wandering around and making connections between the knowledge and practices which people will generally pick up in economics degree, and how those relate to other ‘visual fields’. From representations to simulations, assumptions to ideologies, modelling to wondering, it’s a session that promises no answers  and lots of questions about the questions. 

But then this is Economics, and it was ever thus…